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Celebubloggers and such.

Does anybody remember Jameth from UW? I randomly thought about him today so I looked up his lj and he's STILL BLOGGING. Like, a lot. He was still using made-up internet-speak and he still had this weird little group of people who eagerly and obsessively left messages about his posts. I don't get it, do they just sit at their computers and hit refresh every few seconds on his journal? It was creepy. I think he's like 35 now.

I've been chatting to JB about the move today. Did I mention I'm psyched? I got the hours I want, and I got a parking space in the garage (my own parking space DOWNTOWN for $75 a month! A STEAL!!!). To summarize our conversation:

I get to say goodbye to North Everett (the GAG) and it's scary townies and greasy homegirls with crunchy hair walking down Broadway in their McDonald's uniforms going to work, the horror that is the Buzz Inn, and driving an obscene distance through endless I-5 construction.

I get to say hello to Capitol Hill (Gay Mecca) and it's fabulous shops and people on Broadway, snotty Seattle U kids, hipster Seattle Central kids, a Jamba Juice, Organics to Go, AND Taco Guayamas within walking distance, and not having to take the freeway to work. Ever.

If my life were a musical right now, it would cut to a shot of me singing and walking down Broadway in my lab coat, and 5 large attractive gay men would suddenly appear and hoist me in the air and rainbow confetti would rain down on my face.
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Caffeinated rant.

I stumbled into work nearly catatonic this morning. I'm still sick - but yesterday I was just fine getting up at my usual (5:45am - it's not as bad as it sounds) and it was a Monday. Anyways, thank god for a Tully's in God's Great American Ghetto (North Everett). Starbucks tastes so foul I can't believe anyone drinks it, and it's so popular to boot. I guess that's proof - people outside of the NW don't really know good coffee.

Just got out of a meeting about the upcoming move to Seattle. I can't believe it, it's finally happening. I can live and work in the same city again. I don't have to commute 70 miles a day anymore! I never thought I'd be one of those suckers commuting to work. It always reminded me of that scene in Office Space. Which I'm pretty sure I was about to become, had this gone on any longer. Because you all know how much I'm into gangster rap, right?
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Today's the day! A whole year of growing it out to donate to Locks for Love... putting up with it's ridiculous longness, tangles, knots, getting it caught in things, Chris rolling on top of it in the middle of the night,... I am so ready for short hair again.

Off to Helen's...
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Review for Kitchen Confidential

I recently bought "Kitchen Confidential", this short-lived TV series that aired on FOX in 2001, based on Anthony Bourdain's book by the same title. I really enjoyed it (yet another example of a show that really should've stayed on air... in my mind, "Freaks and Geeks", "Arrested Development", and "Kitchen Confidential" are all in the same pile of cancelled shows). Overstock.com (where I bought it) sent me one of those reminder emails about posting a product review, I usually don't do them (cuz I always think, what could I contribute that hasn't already been said?) but today I did. Jon suggested I post it on here.

I gave it four out of five stars overall. A full five for entertainment value but only 3 stars for overall value, since it was obviously only the first half of a season that was supposed to finish.

Title: funny and quirky show
By: AsianMarthaStewart (Seattle, WA)

I bought this DVD because I am a huge fan of the book by Anthony
Bourdain. Never even heard of the show back when it first aired in
2001 - but I read up about it on the internet and thought why not,
it's being offered for a reasonable price (compared to Amazon).

The show revolves around "Jack Bourdain", who is like Anthony Bourdain
the way beef chuck resembles filet mignon. That's not to say Bradley
Cooper did a totally bad job, in fact he delivered some really funny
moments and played the character with some panache. However, the Tony
Bourdain many of us love from the book and his appearance on "No
Reservations" is darker, wittier, socially awkward. Recasting Jack is
a slick, womanizing, pretty boy took away from some of the raw humor
that made the book so memorable.

The strength in this short-lived show was definitely the ensemble
cast. Here there were hilarious characters, some of them directly
cribbed from the book. The kleptomaniac sous chef, Pino the feared
restauranteur, the newbie chef who has to the take abuse from everyone
else in the kitchen, and even Ramone the dishwasher makes an
appearance. In addition to the kitchen full of people (like any real
New York restaurant), there were also memorable characters who worked
front of the house and their interactions with the kitchen staff made
the show very funny and full of funny quips during the ensemble
scenes. Some of the solo scenes with Jack I thought were less funny...
either because he actually seemed to receive less funny dialogue
(perhaps they relied on Jack to carry much of the "plot" of the
episode too much) or because he delivered them with less sincerity, I
can't decide.

One thing is for sure, the series was terminated too early. Though
this show may not have been a prime-time hit it would have amassed at
least a small cult following, especially now that foodie culture has
totally taken off and almost everyone who has cable can tell you what
fois gras and fondant are, and most importantly, who Chef Anthony
Bourdain is.
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best. commercial. ever.

This is incredibly obvious, but I can't get enough of that commercial about the scientists re-attaching lucky rabbits feet to rabbits... they're hopping about in bunny physical therapy on treadmills and swimming pools and getting x-rays with brightly colored feet. AHHHH!!!!! I love it. I don't even know what the commercial is for, some boring financial company or something, but it's the BEST COMMERCIAL I'VE EVER SEEN.
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Mix CD time!

So a friend at work made up this game, he got together a few of us for a "Mix CD Swap" game. Everybody comes up with some adjectives, and he compiled them into a list. Then he distributed the list to everyone, and we're all supposed to make a CD comprising of tracks representing these adjectives in the order he puts them in. We make enough copies of this CD for everyone in the game, and in the end everyone gets some CDs full of new music to listen to! Genius. Everyone's a winner.

Here's my track list: (adjectives in parenthesis)

1. (floating) Smoke City - "Underwater Love"
2. (transcendence) Air - "Playground Love"
3. (relax and lounge) Dirty Vegas - "Days Go By (acoustic version)"
4. (surreal) Yann Tierson "La Valse d'Amelie"
5. (random) Geggy Tah - "Whoever You Are"
6. (adventure island) Pink Martini - "Une Notte a Napoli"
7. (lighthearted) Jim Boggia - "Several Thousand"
8. (too much fun) Michael Jackson - "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"
9. (car chase) The Jam - "Town Called Malice"
10. (hard) Dropkick Murphys - "Barroom Heroes"
11. (lively) Le Tigre - "Keep on Livin"
12. (the end) Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here"
13. (a bonus track I added because one of the people playing wanted some jazz) Madeleine Peyroux - "Don't Wait Too Long"

It was really fun, I think this game will really catch on! I already have other people who want to do one.

My list is a pretty fair representation of the crazy all overness that is my iTunes library.
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Holidays and such

I've been a livejournal slacker lately, I admit it. I read my friends page here and there but my posts have been lacking in anything worthwhile. Sooooo... I'm posting a holiday update with pictures. (also because I just discovered this "scrapbook" function - wow livejournal is so fancy)

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